From The CSM: ‘Pakistan Volleyball Game Attack: Will Local Opposition To Taliban Hold Firm?’

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“More than 600 civilians have now lost their lives to such attacks since the Pakistan Army began a military offensive in the Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan in October.”

We need Pakistan to ramp up these efforts to prevent safe haven for the Taliban if Obama’s troop increase is going to work.  What do the Taliban represent to many Pakistanis and to the tribes of the region?

Freedom Fighters against occupation?  Over-zealous enforcers of a rigid vision of Islam?  Corrupt Warlords? Providers of Security?  Keepers Of The Faith?  Mountain Rubes?

Also: From Commonweal: Andrew Bacevich “The War We Can’t Win: Afghanistan And The Limits Of American Power”

And:  Philip Bobbitt Discusses His Book ‘Terror And Consent’ On Bloggingheads

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