Health Care Reform-A Few Links 01/05/10

Keith Hennessey is following the bill closely.

Bloggingheads with a libertarian (Megan McArdle claims against the odds that the health care bill could be dead) here.

Who will enforce the new health insurance requirements…the IRS?  Reason has more here. (Private insurers are protecting their interests).

James Surowiecki at the New Yorker asks the question why do we need private health insurers in the first place?  Full post here.

Well, to more effectively control costs and manage risk (especially as regards fraud)…I’d say yes.

On This Site:  The political system is, in my opinion, neither the best nor most efficient way of addressing the jerry-rigged health-care delivery system we have…and its rapidly rising costs.  Atul Gawande, however, makes a decent, evolving, pragmatic case for some government involvement:

Atul Gawande At The New Yorker: ‘Testing, Testing’From The New Yorker: Atul Gawande On Health Care-”The Cost Conundrum”

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