Some Links For Afghanistan-January 20th, 2010

Dexter Filkins at the NY Times on the Taliban attack in Kabul on Jan 18th here.

‘A team of militants launched a spectacular assault at the heart of the Afghan government on Monday, with two men detonating suicide bombs and the rest fighting to the death only 50 yards from the gates of the presidential palace.’

The Christian Science Monitor provides details on the military aid effort.  The problems not solved by the Afghan government are being picked up by the military…but how well?  How much can they do?:

‘Amid this backdrop, the US military is working to implement its own development projects. In an area like restive Paktika Province, however, they’re confronted with a layered set of problems.’

As  nearly always, Informed Comment is worth reading on the subject.

Sent in by a reader: Blogs-The Voice Of AfghanistanAbu Muqawama

How do you balance the threat and consequences of a terrorist attack on American soil with limited miiltary resources (after years of a piecemeal, ineffective strategy)…while also dealing with a somewhat weak coalition of interested parties and always limited additional resources…

…while in a foreign land, battling hostile forces and supporting (carefully) a weak and corrupt central government sitting atop a war torn infrastructure and a fairly tribal society…which is tired of war?

Also On This Site:  From Newsweek: ‘Meeting Of The Diplomats’

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