From Reuters: ‘Dutch Far-Right MP On Trial Over Anti-Islam Remarks’

Full post here.

Up until now, Geert Wilders, maker of Fitna, has managed to avoid a hearing, the charges of which involve inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims.  He’s certainly an incendiary voice.

See Also:  If you thought the cartoons were bad, more on the Fitna movie here.  Libertarians stand firm on this issue:  Repost-A Canadian Libertarian Making Noise: Ezra Levant

Via The A & L Daily-Interview With Christopher Caldwell At Spiegel Online

Ayan Hirsi Ali is a Muslim immigrant to Europe, who seems quite populist and anti-Islam…is this a potential track for immigrants if they are integrated better?:  Ayan Hirsi Ali At The CSM: ‘Swiss Ban On Minarets Was A Vote For Tolerance And Inclusion’

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