Libertarians And California? From Reason: ‘Matt Welch and Steven Greenhut on Stossel, Talking About Public Sector Unions, Pensions, and California’

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Libertarianism does particularly well in California (a fiscal mess currently).  With large public sector unions, a city like San Francisco’s progressive tax structure, and a lot of liberal progressivism that grows government in other ways, you can see why.

Of course, California is often a bellwether for the rest of the country, and now that we have a president who’s interested in growing government to meet his health-care reform aims and is pursuing green jobs (and using the federal government to do so), perhaps libertarians are having their moment in leading opposition to the current administration.

I suspect looking eastwards, that there are many more socially conservative, often religious, more likely fiscally conservative (where much of my interest lies), people wondering what’s happened…

…a sound analysis?

Addition:  A Californian writes that it’s just because there’s a larger, more socially liberal base on the West coast at the moment due to migration patterns, American wide-open space and manifest destiny.  It’s not as socially acceptable to be socially (or religiously) conservative.

Ok…so have the deeper traditions of religion been transcended, or just ignored by a bunch of people who’ve made their way out West?  What’s with Boston?

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