From Boston Globe Via The A & L Daily: ‘Who’s Still Biased’

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Of course the goal is still to steer you toward changing your fundamental and “unconscious biases” on a personal level toward the end-game of a colorless, genderless workplace.

But after what are likely few billion dollars spent, forced diversity training has questionable results….:

‘And so she wants readers to take from her work the realization that there are ways it [sic diversity training] can be improved: by making programs voluntary, by leaving out the legal material, by designing them so that people don’t feel targeted….’

Do you support some affirmative action?  or none at all? Do you have a moral duty to treat other people as you’d want to be treated, and regardless if you believe you do…does your employer (with the help of social science research and social pressure) have an obligation to determine your moral obligations for you…especially apart from your professional life?

Also On This Site: This is a little deeper: From The Harvard Educational Review-A Review Of Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education.’

Nussbaum argues profoundly for more equality:  From The Reason Archives: ‘Discussing Disgust’ Julian Sanchez Interviews Martha Nussbaum

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