A Few Links On A Theme In Journalism

-Michael Kinsley puts the Judith Miller case in perspective:  ‘Who Owns The First Amendment?’ not necessarily journalists.

-From Learner.org, the series Ethics in America (Fred Friendly seminars, narrated by Charles Ogletree) was produced in late 1987 and has many interesting figures such as Rudy Giuliani, Antonin Scalia, Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes etc.  It is thought-provoking and well done.

-James Fallows at the Atlantic had a piece a while back, referencing the Friendly seminar with Peter Jennings and Mike Wallace: ‘Why Americans Hate The Media.’

Also On This Site: Was Jared Diamond acting as a journalist in Papua New-Guinea?:  From The Chronicle Of Higher Education: Jared Diamond’s Lawsuit

Nicolas Lemann At The Chronicle Of Higher Ed: ‘Journalism Schools Can Push Coverage Beyond Breaking News’

Classic Yellow Journalism by malik2moon

Remember The Maine! The good old days…by malik2moon

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