From Foreign Affairs: ‘The Geography Of Chinese Power’

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Kaplan states:

“Summary: Thanks to the country’s favorable location on the map, China’s influence is expanding on land, and at sea, from Central Asia to the South China Sea and from the Russian Far East To The Indian Ocean.”

I suspect this is the kind of Cold War thinking we don’t necessarily need.  We need facts on the ground, and various interpretations of them. Our relationship can put us in potential tension politically and culturally (militarily?), but it need not be like this.

Addition: As emailers point out, Kaplan is simply offering a concise, and profound strategic analysis of  the forces that shape this part of the world. In so doing we can help to understand what our interests are in dealing with China.

Also:  Robert Kagan’s book “The Return Of History And The End Of Dreams“ seeks to challenge Fukuyama’s thinking…does it succeed?: Obama’s Decision On Missile Defense And A Quote From Robert Kagan’s: ‘The Return Of History And The End Of Dreams’

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