From Slate: “Newsweek Has Fallen And Can’t Get Up”

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“If the infinitely patient and hideously rich Graham can’t see a profitable future for the money-losing magazine, that future doesn’t exist.”

Shafer suggests that the Web isn’t necessarily the culprit, but I’d say it is.  The online content creators, organizers and arrangers are often driving the news cycle now.  Of course, they will run into most of the old, and some new problems, but it still seems most important to try and maintain the freedom the web has allowed, even as some of the more naive and innocent drivers of change run into the world.

Also:  From The New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Priced To Sell”…Bill Virgin says newspapers built up their value, and slowly let it die: From The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Via Sound Politics: Why Did The PI Die?.

What about pay sites?:  From Denis Pombriant: ‘Reinventing The Newspaper Business Model With Zuora

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