From Reason: ‘Mohammad Cartoonist Lars Vilks Headbutted During Lecture’

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‘Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist who drew Mohammed as a dog, was recently told that a scheduled lecture on free speech, to be held at Jönköping Högskolan, would be canceled due to “security concerns.

And during the talk he gave with slideshow included, one member of the audience assaulted him.  It doesn’t well recommend your religion that you are justified in attacking another person who depicts your prophet in a disparaging and mocking light.

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If you thought the cartoons were bad, more on the Fitna movie here.  Libertarians stand firm on this issue:  Repost-A Canadian Libertarian Making Noise: Ezra Levant

Christopher Hitchens At Slate: Yale Surrenders-Yale concluded that the risk of violence and the potential consequences that stemmed from their decision to publish a scholarly work about the Mohammed cartoons (reprinting those cartoons) was not worth the risk.

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