From Reason: Nick Gillespie Interview With Mickey Kaus

Full video and background on Kaus here.

Mickey Kaus is not likely to win, but he does have some interesting ideas on where he wants the democratic party to go:  anti-union, secure the border anti-immigration, and bring the party back toward where it was over 40 years ago by protecting opportunities for the lower end of the labor market (without growing unions?).  His candidacy demonstrates that you can’t likely win a democratic seat in California without union support (which is big business), and you also can’t go against the multi-cultural grain by securing the border with national sovereignty as a primary defense (certainly not in the democratic party).

Our interviewer, as a libertarian, argues against any sort of economic regulation and protectionism.

Likely worth your time if you’re tired of business as usual.

Addition:  Kaus has conceded after getting about 5% of the vote in the primary.

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