From Law At The End Of The Day: ‘Torn Between Religion And Law In Spain’

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“The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on a movement that has been gaining much ground in the autonomous community of Catlunya this summer–the regulation of the veil within Catalan cities.”

How to deal with Islamic immigration in law, and the open expression of its traditions immediately recognized as symbols of the faith?

Catalunya, has its own language, Catalan, which I remember being promoted in the schools in addition to/perhaps against the Castillian Spanish that the Franco regime had often maintained…and brutally enforced.

I also recall that in parts of Spain, despite being one of the most Catholic countries in Europe in culture, tradition, and education, many Spaniards I knew were happy to expound how secular and modern the culture was…and in many ways it was…but perhaps that was a little optimistic with regards the economy.

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Law At The End Of The Day:  From Kant to Fichte to…Right Now

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A little further south in Spain, and many centuries ago.

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