Gen. Petraeus At Foreign Policy: ‘None Of This Is Easy’

Full piece here.

Likely worth your time, as Petraeus is in now charge of Afghanistan.

A tremendous amount is being asked of our soldiers to act politically and diplomatically as well as militarily (often at their risk).  Whether or not you think the war in Afghanistan can be won, and how it could be better prosecuted (e.g the danger to troops of announcing a timeline, or Biden’s plan to withdraw),  our military has been engaged directly since 9/11 in the Muslim world to break up the terrorists and incidentally, involve itself many other projects of stability and nation-building.  Now that we are reflecting a little on our moral commitments and points of contact, there are still groups of Muslims, often stateless, driven by a violent interpretation of Islam that are willing to attack us for any injustice, perceived or real.

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