From Bloggingheads-Noah Millman And Ross Douthat Discuss Afghanistan

Diavlog here.

Do we lighten our footprint, still attacking Al-Qaeda from outside the country? A full-court press with COIN?  Some discussion from the current popular and policy discussion point of view.

An actual conservative at Bloggingheads?

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Bending now to Obama’s vision?  His Security Report here.

From March 27th, 2009 At WhiteHouse.Gov: Remarks By The President On A New Strategy For Afghanistan And PakistanRepost-From Michael Yon: ‘The Battle For Kandahar’From Commonweal: Andrew Bacevich “The War We Can’t Win: Afghanistan And The Limits Of American Power”

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One thought on “From Bloggingheads-Noah Millman And Ross Douthat Discuss Afghanistan

  1. Afghan Devastation IS the Plan – Chilcot2 later

    All the talk of Failed wars is spin. The primary aim is to destroy the countries, the communities and their way of life. Iraq is therefore a success. Afghanistan is getting there, and Pakistan and Iran are in the plan.

    All we hear is Obama and Hillary etc, they are in no way making the policy.

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