David Brooks At The NY Times: ‘An Economy Of Grinds’

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“The aspiring grinds, meanwhile, are dead in the water. Small businesses are not growing. They are not hiring. They are struggling to stay alive.”

Brooks argues that current government policy is propping up the big businesses (to prevent systemic failure I assume), but is not watering the roots, nor the small businesses.  While a little melodramatic, it’s important to watch is that this does not become permanent.

The Obama administration is looking pretty statist to me (and will still claim those who disagree in principle are merely obstructionist).  I do not trust the left’s internal contradictions (businesss are bad, let’s tax them to support our favored policy…businesses are free so long as they meet our ideals which shall often be overseen by federal authority) and believe them quite capable of crushing small business opportunity under their idealism, the confusion of idealism for politics (how politicians actually behave) and the desire for social, and other, forms of justice.

One of the interesting questions this raises for independents might be:  Do you still look for any shred of a centrist Obama?  He did spend great political capital on health-care.  He did rebuke the teacher’s unions.  He has been decent on Afghanistan.

When I weigh the evidence, however, of some what has been passed and what might be passed:  GM Bailout,  Health-Care Reform, Financial Reform, looking For Cap-And-Trade…I would vote Obama out as soon as I could, for what my vote is worth.

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