From The NY Times: ‘Pakistan Aids Insurgency In Afghanistan, Reports Suggest’

Full piece here.

As of now, it’s not conclusive (part of the Wikileaks dump).  We’ve known that Pakistan has been playing both ends, but just how much support they give to the extremists on their side of the border might be surprising…and, of course, we still need Pakistan’s cooperation.

Addition:  Obama hasn’t exactly been drumming up European support, which is vital.   The White House says the leak puts national security at risk, which it very well may do.

Addition:  Stewart Baker argues that it’s irresponsible and it’s unethical (same old news), and it’s a vain attempt to have us pull out or claim the injustice of the war.

Another Addition: Is the aim here somewhat similar to the NY Times Mineral Piece?  Eventually, the base over on the left may force Obama to its own contradictions: involve yourself in the affairs of other nations according to your moral obligations, but war is bad, so are corporations, America is seeking blood for oil...From Foreign Policy: ‘Afghanistan Has $1 Trillion In Untapped Mineral Resources?’

Also On This Site: Fareed Zakaria points out that terrorism and the Pakistani state have a close relationship: Fareed Zakaria At Newsweek: ‘Terrorism’s Supermarket’Fareed Zakaria Via ‘The Real Failed State Risk

Yes, they’ve been playing us for a while (it may be in their political interest to do so): Dexter Filkins In The NY Times: The Long Road To Chaos In Pakistan

Ebrahim Moosa At Bloggingheads Discusses Islamic Reform

Are we headed toward 19th century geo-politics?:  Obama’s Decision On Missile Defense And A Quote From Robert Kagan’s: ‘The Return Of History And The End Of Dreams’ From Foreign Affairs: ‘The Geography Of Chinese Power’

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