From A Brief Review At Newsweek: Andrew Bacevich’s ‘The Road To Ruin’

Review here.

‘Bacevich is right to ask if our militaristic approach to the rest of the world is the best and only way. But he rehashes lessons learned from Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.’

If you’ve read the book, please share your thoughts, as Bacevich makes some interesting arguments, as the one found here:

‘Today, an altogether different question deserves our attention: What’s the point of constantly using our superb military if doing so doesn’t actually work?’

C-Span interview with Bacevich here in October, 2008.  Recommended.

I would humbly point out that the ‘Road To Ruin’ is not license to trade the politicization of the war by the ‘military-industrial complex’ for the politicization of the war (and anti-war) by the Left to my mind (and Bacevich might agree).

And to further make the point; Newsweek, having become irrelevant due to the Web, also suffers from having painted itself into a parody of knee-jerk, moralizing, climate-change advocates, and as their editor Jon Meacham showed a few weeks ago, rather short-sighted apologists:

‘Leaders from different backgrounds and perspectives are likely to be just as flawed and as susceptible to error as any other human being (though it is hard to see how they could be worse than the white men who have reigned for so long)…’

Not exactly a forum for non-partisan discussion, but that’s another story.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome, as Bacevich points out the dangers of becoming imperial (and not by colonial definition) has to our liberties here at home.

Addition:  A reader comments that Bacevich does some very useful outside the box thinking, he just doesn’t have an entire box of his own to put it in.

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