Repost-Fareed Zakaria BBC Interview: America In Decline?

Not so much America in decline, Zakaria suggests, as an America closing itself off from what made it great and failing to recognize the rise of many other nations.  America may no longer have the ability to “be the director,” as he says.  The close of an era of American exceptionalism?

As a globalist, there may be parts of his thinking and moral depth that don’t coincide with the interests of some parts of our society (perhaps the more militaristic, conservative and Christian conservative, insular and isolationist especially).  I’m not persuaded by all of his ideas, but he’s pretty on point with this.   He’s also a pragmatic, wide-ranging and independent voice and it’s good to have him around.

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4 thoughts on “Repost-Fareed Zakaria BBC Interview: America In Decline?

  1. Every empire in the world, for example; Rome has been seen to fall. America like Rome thinks that we will last forever–

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    You can certainly make the argument that we’re over-extended (military, education bubble, contentious partisan-politics, infrastructure, schools etc) but I also want to point out the ideological angle: Many on the left have never been satisfied (and won’t ever be, because their ideals will never be reached) and use the ‘Empire’ argument to further their goals. Some on the right do so as well, like Pat Buchannan, because their ideals and beliefs are lined up to do so (conveniently, he ran for President here in the earthly realm).

    Of course, I think some of this thinking is valid regrading decline, but these real problems require real solutions, hard work and level heads to fix them, not doomsaying and wallowing in the ennui of a grand, somewhat tired, idea of decay. It has its uses, I suppose.

    • I agree that Americans wont get this country anywhere by worrying.
      The biggest thing that our leaders need is encouragement, and prayer and someone to give them sound advice so many think they know whats best for the country yet barely 10% of the US population even know the preamble to the constitution..

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