Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest Online: ‘Kausismo Or Death: Dems Face Tough Choices Past 2010’

Full piece here.

Mead argues that Democrats, much like Republicans, will have to face more of the structural problems in D.C., and in order to do so, they’ll have to serve the people. Thus, he argues the people are not served by the typical Democratic political interests (unions, special interest groups, the pork in TARP).

‘But in the longer term, the Democrats will have to choose between the public sector union movement and the American people as a whole.  President Obama’s election gave Dems a brief, euphoric moment of hope, but that has long since faded away.’

Comments are worth a read.  Democrats will probably have their own take on their prospects.

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Anti-union and anti-immigration?-Full video and background on Mickey Kaus here.  How would he stand on free trade and protectionism?

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