Peter Suderman At Reason’s Hit & Run: Obamacare’s Bureaucratic Maze

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‘As we go forward, this will likely make things difficult for state officials in charge of running the non-federal parts of the program. And it will probably result in numerous complications for some number of the individuals who end up on the exchanges.’

A cost-controlling measure?

Also On This Site:  Of course, this is politics, and there’s a lot of pork in there, too:  From Real Clear Markets: ‘Racial, Gender Quotas In The Financial Bill?’…I’ve never been sufficiently convinced of the moral argument: From If-Then Knots: Health Care Is Not A Right…But Then Neither Is Property?

The most knowledgable articles I’ve read that make the case for some government involvement are here, but using farm subsidies (a lesson in corruption, skewed markets and unnecessary source of protectionism) as a useful model?: Atul Gawande At The New Yorker: ‘The Cost Conundrum Persists’

Remember, democrats have been working on this for many years now, and Krugman argued that only government could contain all the factors leading to rising costs: A Few Health Care Links-03/18/2010

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