From CATO@Liberty: Julian Sanchez On ‘Wikileads And Economies Of Repression’

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Sanchez makes a good point:

“Whatever you think of Wikileaks, the idea that a controversial speaker can be so effectively attacked quite outside the bounds of any direct legal process, thanks to the enormous leverage our government exerts on global telecommunications and finance firms, ought to provoke immense concern for the future of free expression online.”

Addition:  Hitchens at Slate on Assange.  Assange speaks for himself.

Another Addition: Often what unites libertarians in my experience is:  anti-government tendencies and the desire of freedom from violence and control (especially from the government, which includes nanny-stating, authoritarian, idealistic, tax and spend, big gov’t and big business in bed together leftists ((and of course the total control socialists and communists of the far left))….against what many libertarians see as the socially conservative, potentially authoritarian, big gov’t right).

LIbertarians may rise in opposition to a leftist government and are often more socially liberal than many conservatives, and I’ve heard it argued that we are drifting away from more socially conservative, religiously conservative, traditional values as part of a longer trend.  Maybe, maybe not.

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