From Foreign Policy: ‘Taseer’s Murder Another Sign Of The Dysfunctional Pakistani State’

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“Salmaan Taseer’s alleged murderer is a twenty-six-year-old security guard, named Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. Qadri was hired by the Punjab Constabulary in 2003 as an 18-year-old recruit. In 2008, he joined the “Elite Force,” where Punjab’s best cops end up, and was working for this elite force on the security detail for the governor of Punjab when he killed Taseer. His motivation was allegedly Taseer’s vocal opposition to the provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code that deal with blasphemy.”

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2 thoughts on “From Foreign Policy: ‘Taseer’s Murder Another Sign Of The Dysfunctional Pakistani State’

  1. Pakistan is not dysfunctional, it is a fully functional mullah-military rule, the elected Govt. being just a powerless entity.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Well, it functions, but barely.

    Do the forces of democratic rule, stronger government with more individual rights and freedoms, more balanced powers (as we might like to see) lie in direct opposition to a mullah-military rule…or are there other options?

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