Arnaud De Borchgrave At The Washington Times: ‘The Coming Geopolitical Upheaval’

Full article here.

The crux:

‘The Obama administration now backs a role for the Brotherhood in a reformed Egyptian government on the condition that it “reject violence and recognizes democratic goals.” But it would be terminally naive to expect a friendly bunch of Muslim Brothers on good terms with U.S. diplomats.’

De Borchgrave suggests to look for a larger coalition of Islamic states to allign itself with the larger Islamic movement afoot in the Muslim world, and when organized, whose interests would be against the U.S.

‘Warning: Watch three ships of state – Egypt, Turkey and Iran – change direction to sail roughly parallel courses. Iran has seen what happened to Libya after it relinquished its nuclear paraphernalia in 2004. It is not about to make the same mistake.’

Addition:  Such an arrangement, I suspect, if it came to be, would be an organizational step forward for many in the Muslim world.

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