Newsweek On Francis Fukuyama: ‘The Beginning Of History’

Full piece here.

He’s left the establishment (though he was involved in some important policy decisions) and moved to Palo Alto:

‘On present-day Republicans, in fact, he is downright caustic: “All of the Kissinger-era realists have gone away, like Robert Zoellick, James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft. Today, the party is just a wasteland. They are total amateurs on foreign policy.”’

and on why he may have been lamenting the lack of synthetic thinkers in the social sciences:

‘His new book, The Origins of Political Order, which hits bookstores this week, seeks to understand how human beings transcended tribal affiliations and organized themselves into political societies. “In the developed world, we take the existence of government so much for granted that we sometimes forget how difficult it was to create,” he writes.’

What can political philosophy do?

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