From The Selected Writings By And About George Anastaplo: ‘Reason and Revelation: On Leo Strauss’

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Link sent in.  On Strauss:

‘For one thing, he recognized and many times said that there is, at least in the United States, common ground shared by political philosophy and Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church, in the struggle against modern relativism and vulgar hedonism. Besides, Mr. Strauss always was in these matters a very cautious man:   he was always aware, that is, of his minority status as a Jew and even more as a student of political philosophy, an awareness which very much contributed to his sensitivity to the possibility of esotericism.’

and often I’ve seen such tension play out in policy debates between the ‘secular republic’ and the ‘constitutional republic’ crowds:

‘Any well-established religion, it should be expected, is apt to have had exerted upon it over the centuries the sobering influence of nature. And, as Mr. Fortin points out, recourse to political philosophy made Christianity politically responsible in this world. In being thus useful, it should be noticed, political philosophy may pose more of a threat to Christianity than it does to Judaism. Has not Judaism always been more concerned with the things of this world, and hence with worldly wisdom?’

It’s good to note how close and exhaustive a reader of texts Strauss was.

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