Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest: ‘High Noon In Pakistan’

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Mead has another good analysis:

‘As US-Pakistan tensions rise, the Pakistanis have looked to China as an alternative great power backer.  The Pakistani argument to China is that Pakistan offers an offset to India that makes it harder for India to challenge Chinese influence in southeast Asia and elsewhere.’

So what do we do with a barely functional Pakistani state which has nuclear weapons, a recent swell of Anti-American popular sentiment, a state that looks the other way/harbors/produces terrorism…plays both ends while receiving U.S. aid upon a feudal, tribal land-owning system…and that we still have reasons to support?:

‘The administration is going to have to look at a broad range of options that stretch from adding some new dimensions to US-India relations and engaging more directly with more neighbors about the future of Afghanistan to additional operations like the Abbottabad raid where intelligence suggests appropriately important targets can be found.  On the other hand, the administration needs to develop a crystal clear and specific vision for what we want from Pakistan and what we will do if and only if we can secure it.’

Likely worth your time.

Michael Totten did an interview with Hezbollah’s pr guy.

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