Ron Radosh At Pajamas Media: ‘President Obama’s Speech to AIPAC: An Assessment’

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‘So the question is, as I conclude, whether or not the president means it, whether or not he will backpedal in the other direction, and whether he will seek to mend matters with Prime Minister Netanyahu, rather than push him in directions Israel does not want to go.’

How do you satisfy the pro-peace base, the anti-war Left, and the universalist vision of a two-state solution…while maintaining good ties with Israel and its security?  You probably don’t…

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One thought on “Ron Radosh At Pajamas Media: ‘President Obama’s Speech to AIPAC: An Assessment’

  1. Israel saying that it would continue to try to make peace with whoever was in power or came to power in Damascus but also emphasizing that above all for it importance was the stability on it border both with Syria and with Lebanon because of course Israel very recently has just withdrawn after that long military occupation of South Lebanon and Syria as the main generally agreed main power broker in Lebanon does hold a key to the stability of that area and a test I believe Israel will see a test of the possibility of forging toward a new relationship with Syria on whether stability will remain on the border between Israel and Lebanon — Miles.. And watching very closely just as you say how long this will take to determine whether the situation has stabilized sufficiently for a new peace effort to go ahead. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the Palestinians may be looking with some concern to see whether will they might get the short straw again and that their peacemaking might be sidelined once again.

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