Repost-A Conversation About Libertarianism

A socially conservative friend pointed out the following:  “Libertarians rise to power against liberalism, because, ultimately, they share the same antipathy toward founding one’s social conventions and morality in the word of God, and the Church.  They will turn upon each other to our benefit.”

I’m not sure who he meant by “our,”  and I mean this genuinely.

I thought about it: Reason magazine is fiscally conservative, railing against the public sector unions in California and the fiscal hole they’ve helped put California in, yet the very same socially liberal and politically left conditions in California that can make unions possible and certainly more powerful are also shared by Reason.   Most religious people I know are not necessarily pro-legalized marijuana and pro-pornography.

On This Site:  How do libertarians deal with de-segregation, and the moral case for State involvement in race affairs?:  Libertarianism In The Mainstream?: Rand Paul In The Spotlight…Reason defends the Arizona immigration law ruling for economic reasons, against mostly the Right, but also lone California Democrat, Mickey Kaus: Full video and background on Kaus here.


We did agree that this is the height of absurdity:  Walt Whitman is worth reading for many reasons if you’re reading poetry, but not necessarily because he’s gay, and less so because gay groups have holed-up at Harvard, and have mixed their political goals and identity-group status with good poetry.   But we’ve taken many decades to arrive at this point.

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I advised him that the case to disassociate the law from religious morality in California has been a long time coming as well, and that Martha Nussbaum has been making that case for some time:  From The Reason Archives: ‘Discussing Disgust’ Julian Sanchez Interviews Martha Nussbaum.  She’s not exactly pro-religion, but she’s very deep.

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