From Foreign Affairs: ‘Is the Egyptian-Israeli Relationship Over?’

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Well, maybe not over, but perhaps in serious trouble:

‘As long as an authoritarian government ruled Egypt, this boiling cauldron could be kept under control, largely through the same means of repression that stifled political opposition of any stripe. However, when Mubarak fell from power in February and the authoritarian grip of the government relaxed, the anger in the street erupted. So far, it has been directed as much at Israel as at the ancien régime.’

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One thought on “From Foreign Affairs: ‘Is the Egyptian-Israeli Relationship Over?’

  1. Every other person in the street scenes in Cairo is a spy.

    There are spies from many nations!

    To the Israelis there is nothing new. To the Egyptians, however, their “Arab spring” will turn into the winter of famine.

    They can’t replace the treasures already stolen from their Cairo museum. The big pieces stay … because there is no way to steal them out. The Rosetta Stone, however, is not in Cairo. Nor is it in France. To see it you need to go to England.

    Where, for the Europeans, the EURO is about to explode. Borders will come back … because each country will go back to it’s own currency.

    You saw the 6-week deadline? That’s for all the countries to print their new currencies … all over, again.

    How will Europeans control? They’ll make sure you see the new posted currency regulations. And, the conductors on trains will go around with stamping pads … and stamps … And, along the routes … you’ll need papers for them to stamp.

    Assad stays in business. The Persians can’t get rid of their mullahs. And, the Kurds are going to out-birth the Turks.

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