From Reason’s Hit And Run Blog: ‘It’s Everybody Bomb Anybody Who Draws Mohammed Day in France!’

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Not good news:

‘Reuters reports that a French publication has been bombed (and its website hacked) after it ran an issue that had been “guest-edited” by the prophet Mohammed.’

European leftists try and include Muslims and immigrants into their definition of liberty…to an extent (no wearing full burkas in the public square).  But some Muslims brook no violation of their holy laws.

Of course liberty French leftism can lead to strange political bedfellows (socialists and Islamic absolutists under the banner of relativism).

Less strong economies, old hierarchies and anarchies, and European societies in which national identity and racial identity are more closely aligned (not just on the hard resurgent right) can lend to more immigration problems.  That inclusive banner of French liberte has limits, and perhaps a sharp edge.

Addition:  The American model of greater economic freedom and religious tolerance (resisting the Liberal urge not just to keep religion in the private sphere but to use the law to root out discrimination) may still work better to include immigrants, but there are still a few Muslims here willing to kill and spread terror.  This a a longer term problem.

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