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As the banner states on the front page:  “anti-state, anti-war, pro-market,”  and as a reader points out, he’s described himself as a paleolibertarian and “anarcho-capitalist.”   He is now a chairman of the Von Mises Institute.

Interestingly, on the anarchy front, another anti-statist is Noam Chomsky, who hovers between anarchy, anarcho-syndicalism, and libertarian socialism (and the heady days of the Russian revolution).  I don’t think I’ve made the case at all that his deep work on linguistics has any connection with that politics, but it’s quite interesting: Via Youtube: (1 of 3) Kant, Chomsky and the Problem of Knowledge.

Just to continue on the Statism/liberty theme going on around here and in the country right now:  We have a particularly liberal administration with Obama (very Statist, very redistributionist, green, with a Wilsonian/aggressive humanitarian foreign policy).  I think many people are a little surprised at just how far we’re having to wade into racial and gender politics and the schisms and interests of the Left. At least one poll is showing a high mistrust of government activity.

It’s interesting to note that a strong libertarian response  has developed (which usually occurs during liberal administrations…see the Ron Paul surge) and how that libertarianism could likely be subsumed into a Republican platform (and how it generates fears of a 3rd party run that would split the vote).

My two cents.  Thanks for the link.

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I think it’s going too far, trying to apply libertarian economics onto education, but Milton Friedman on Education is thought-provoking.  The State causes all poverty?  Milton Friedman Via Youtube: ‘Responsibility To The Poor’

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