Daniel Mitchell At CATO@Liberty: ‘Daniel In The Looter’s Den: My Adventures At The U.N.’

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‘I was at the United Nations yesterday for something called “The High Level Thematic Debate on the State of the World Economy.”

Well, this is the U.N.  He gives his impressions on his fellow attendees, reasonably:

‘My message, by the way, was very simple: Higher taxes won’t work. The “growth” vs. “austerity” debate in Europe is really a no-win fight between those who want higher spending vs. those who want higher taxes. The only good answer is to restrain spending with—you guessed it—Mitchell’s Golden Rule.’

Mitchell’s Golden Rule:

‘The private sector should grow faster than the government’

But that’s probably where Europe is, politically, at least, if we’re lucky (nowhere near having the private sector grow faster than the government).

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