Update And Repost-A Conversation About Libertarianism

A socially conservative friend pointed out the following:  “Libertarians rise to power against liberalism, because, ultimately, they share the same antipathy toward founding one’s social conventions and morality in the word of God, and the Church.  They will turn upon each other to our benefit.”

I’m not sure who he meant by “our,”  and I mean this genuinely.

I thought about it: Reason magazine is fiscally conservative, railing against the public sector unions in California and the fiscal hole they’ve helped put California in, yet the very same socially liberal and politically left conditions in California that can make unions possible and certainly more powerful could also shared by many libertarians (a broader definition of liberty anyways).  On this view, the society is adrift away from Natural Law and the Church.

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How does Natural Law Philosophy deal with these problems, and those of knowledge?

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