Ronald Bailey At Reason: ‘Rio +20 Earth Summit: Is Sustainable Development Still Sexy? ‘

Full piece here.

Bailey will go to Rio +20 and be reporting from the summit:

‘According to the U.N., the Future We Want is the Green Economy. However, a sizeable percentage of environmental activists going to the conference believe that the Green Economy is merely more corporate capitalism in green-face.’

Biting the hand which they have trained to feed…

I imagine the large bureaucratic structure required to deliver such “sustainable” goals might decide there needs to be more bureaucracy and more summits.  Of course, it too will have to meet up with the private sector eventually (mining, natural resources, oil, manufacturing in many countries fortunate enough to be developing) if only through taxation and regulation.

For some activists this [is] too much collusion with the capitalist enemy (too often crony capitalist as Bailey points out, which is another outcome of their influence on capital markets..not that capital markets are perfect…they’re just being tied to many activists with a Left-Of Center political philosophy to which these summits are a but a vehicle).

An equal, fair, naturally balanced world awaits…

Update: As a reader writes, there’s only so far the libertarian model goes here…many mines are nationalized, and most natural resources controlled by whomever is in charge for the time being.  Still, aside from the science, the interest of many Leftists (and beneath them outright communists in some cases) has loosely affiliated its goals with attaching itself to climate science and the new secular doomsday scenario.

Update:   Bailey writes here:

Consider paragraph 40, which reads: “We call for holistic and integrated approaches to sustainable development which will guide humanity to live in harmony with nature and lead to efforts to restore the health and integrity of the Earth’s ecosystem.” What can that possibly mean?


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