Niall Ferguson At The Daily Beast: ‘China Should Intervene in Syria, Not America’

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Under President Obama, U.S. grand strategy has been at best incoherent, at worst nonexistent. I can think of no better complement to the president’s recent “pivot” to the Asia-Pacific region than to invite China to play a greater role in the Middle East—one that is commensurate with its newfound wealth and growing military capability

I can see a benefit in trying to entice China into international action, especially its military capabilities with regard to Syria, as there is wisdom in getting them to bear some cost of their heavy oil consumption and in getting them involved in a broader security partnership with international players.  However, I could also see danger as many interests in China don’t really see themselves aligned with Western interests at all (Russia’s pushing the envelope in Syria now).  The Western moral and/or human rights reasoning which favors Syrian intervention would probably not be primary for China, and such interaction could lead to power plays on a bigger chessboard, with Syria as a pawn, and a potential for greater conflict.

We might not like what we would get.

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2 thoughts on “Niall Ferguson At The Daily Beast: ‘China Should Intervene in Syria, Not America’

  1. Such adroit sarcasm…I would rather watch Russia’s Putin continue to use Pres. Obama as his lackey and pinata. At least for the remaining 6 months of his one-term presidency.

  2. The Russia/China Axis has many reasons not to even acknowledge our goals. Many in both countries are in an adversarial relationship with the U.S.

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