From The Chronicle Of Higher Ed: ‘A Culture Of Evasion’

Full piece here.

‘The dreadful scandal at Penn State reached another level on July 12, with the 250-page report of former FBI director Louis Freeh to the university’s board of trustees, culminating a seven-month independent investigation.’

Don’t damage the brand…

There’s still a large psychological buy-in that college is the only way to “arrive”, get to the middle-class, be successful etc.  While it may still be worth it for many, the core educational mission has been over-run with many other interests in a fiscally unsustainable way.  Think of all the people with a financial, political, or personal interest in higher ed, and the motivations behind the Penn State cover-up, while inexcusable, become somewhat easier to understand.

Thoughts to the victims.

Addition:  A $60 million dollar fine and a 4-year bowl ban.  Paterno’s wins from 1998 own are scrubbed from his record, and his statue was taken down.

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