From The Wall Street Journal: ‘Charles Hill: The Empire Strikes Back’

Full piece here.

Back to empire if the U.S. doesn’t stand up for liberal democracy?

‘But the message remains dead serious. The “battle” for liberal democracy and some semblance of international order “has been being won because the U.S. has been putting out the effort for it,” he says. “And now we’re not.”‘

What happened to peace through strength?

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3 thoughts on “From The Wall Street Journal: ‘Charles Hill: The Empire Strikes Back’

  1. Definitely agree. This latest exercise in “consensus building’ by the weakness, inexperience and total commitment to his far left base of President Obama has created the situation in Syria where over 20,000 Syrian countrymen have been slaughtered by this maniac dictator. The UN is worthless and this ridiculous posturing by the US State Department is comical if it were not so frighteningly dangerous. Maybe you can find the statements by the current UN leader last week that warned about the world reaction in 20 years to this slaughter in Syria which we ALL sat and watched. Not even a ‘no-fly’ zone made it to Obama’s “what do I do now” list.

  2. Bernie, thanks for reading and commenting.

    I agree with much of what you say. I didn’t realize we had our heads that far in the sand.

    That said, I don’t know what we do with our military in there. A lot of risk and a very unstable situation. Yet all of those tribal, ethic, and religious lines spread throughout the region could be inflamed by this conflict, so we might at least want to aid in containing it.

    Assad may become a maniac, but as for now he’s still trying to win, which means in a weakened position, he pulls out more and more stops. It could be very ugly for a while.

    It’s ironic that part of the criticism before in Egypt was, “Why does the U.S. support someone like Mubarak with so much aid?”

    Now we’re left to trying to deal with semi-functional organizations like the U.N. and looking for other European support (that still free ride on our strength and leave us with the bill) to share in the risk in Libya and Syria.

    I hope the change in the Middle East hasn’t entirely been for the worse.

    Here we are still trying to protect our interests and having to pick a winner out of the opposition and giving them guns (like in Afghanistan against the Russians)…so we can hope one day they’re as stable as Mubarak was and not Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.

    Democracy does not appear to be forthcoming at the moment.

    • Wouldn’t it be fateful that, in the end, it was the Chinese Empire against the Muslim Empire? At least the Chinese would salvage what they could from the US, while the Muslims would completely destroy us.

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