From Via Media: ‘Iran And Turkey Rattle Sabers Over Syria’

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‘The Iranians know that their regional influence is tied to Assad, and that they must either do damage control or lend even more forward military support to the embattled Syrian regime if they don’t want to see their sphere of influence shrink considerably. Turkey, in addition to having genuine counterterrorism motives, is also beginning to enjoy flexing its muscles as the presumptive new hegemon in the region.’

Meanwhile, Hezbollah, with ties to Iran, is active in the country on the ground, and is blowing things up elsewhere around the world (terrorism is one of the Iranian regime’s primary means of ‘Statecraft’).  The longer this goes on the worse it is.  The U.S. has committed itself under the present administration to a liberal internationalist doctrine which binds it to the U.N. (which has arguably made things worse).  It’s not clear what to do, but doing nothing may mean we have to do worse somethings down the road, as always.

See Also:  Michael Totten’s piece that revisits a Robert Kaplan piece from 1993, which is prescient:  “A Writhing Ghost Of A Would-Be Nation”.  It was always a patchwork of minority tribes, remnants of the Ottoman Empire

I just received a copy of Totten’s book, Where The West Ends, and it’s good reading.

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Liberal Internationalism is hobbling us, and the safety of even the liberal internationalist doctrine if America doesn’t lead…Via Youtube-Uncommon Knowledge With Fouad Ajami And Charles Hill

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