From Michael Totten At World Affairs Journal: ‘The World According To Syrian Kurdistan’

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Totten interviews Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, leader of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria.  The interview finishes with Abbas saying the following:

‘Full scale civil war. It has already started. Syria could change from a failed dictatorship to something that looks like Somalia or Afghanistan, or—at best—Lebanon during its civil war. The fighting will continue and Syria could become a haven for Islamists.

The United States should work with Russia and create a federal system. Russian interests can be guaranteed in an Alawite state while American and Israeli interests can be guaranteed in Syrian Kurdistan.’

The longer this goes on, the worse it will likely be.  Of course, the goal of a Kurdish state requires the current chaos in the region to be amplified even further.  The Kurds see a window, however, and they do show strong support for the U.S,, as Totten notes:

‘Most Kurds are Sunni Muslims, but the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamist groups have never been able to get much traction in that community. The Muslim Brotherhood is an exclusively Sunni organization, and it’s also, for the most part, an Arab one. Rather than viewing Islam as “the solution” to what ails them, most Kurds in Syria as well as Iraq view freedom and independence as the solution, along with an alliance with the U.S. and Israel.’

I fear that the goal of working with Russia is mostly a dream;  a dream led by the same type of liberal internationalist thinking that led to what amounted to Kofi Annan’s time-wasting pronouncements regarding a collapsing Syria.  It’s unclear for many at the moment what to do otherwise.

The Kurdish developments bear watching.

Totten’s new book: Where The West Ends.

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