From Michael Totten At The Gatestone Institute: ‘A Raw Salafist Power Play’

Full piece here.

The longer a power vacuum goes on, usually the worse people there are to fill it.  The kinds of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to build the institutions necessary to maintain democracy (as the West envisions it) are a minority in Egypt, and across most of the Muslim world.

‘Rather than a spontaneous outburst, what we saw last week was a raw play for political power by radical Salafists. We have seen things like this before, most notoriously in Tehran after the Iranian revolution.’

Perhaps we’ve got some leverage:

‘There is nothing we can do to stop the radical Islamists from framing the United States when they need a wedge issue, but we can — and certainly should — make it clear to the likes of Mohamed Morsi that we can make his job and his life a lot more difficult than the Salafists can.’

Addition:  Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s piece in Newsweek suggests that Islamism is gasping, and will ultimately be defeated if Americans don’t bend on our liberties and principles.  Islamist governments deprive their citizens of political and economic freedom.  She gets the comments going.

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