From Reuters: ‘Analysis: Syrian Kurds Sense Freedom, Power Struggle Awaits’

Full piece here.

WSJ video here.

It still bears watching.  The Turks certainly have a close eye on the situation:

‘Syrian Kurds may be enjoying a breath of freedom after Assad appears to have ceded control of some areas to focus on the battle against mainly Sunni Muslim Arab rebels fighting in Damascus and Aleppo.’

Meanwhile, via Michael Totten:  Top Hezbollah operative in Syria killed.  Iran’s doubling down to keep Assad in control through Hezbollah.

Related On This Site:  From Michael Totten At World Affairs Journal: ‘The World According To Syrian Kurdistan’

Longer odds, lots of risk: Adam Garfinkle At The American Interest’s Via Media: “The Rise Of Independent Kurdistan?”

 If America doesn’t lead someone who probably doesn’t share our values will…Via Youtube-Uncommon Knowledge With Fouad Ajami And Charles Hill

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