Peter Suderman At Reason: ‘Obama Claims Repealing ObamaCare Would Benefit Insurers. In Fact, They Stand to Lose $1 Trillion ‘

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You don’t get to single-payer overnight, you first pass an enormously complicated piece of legislation without the other party’s support, then you get private insurers on board, then perhaps you gradually restrict market activity with endless regulations, enormous and politically dependent bureaucracies, allowing access to fewer and fewer private insurers:

‘It’s not just health insurers. Most of the health system’s biggest and most powerful industries are betting on the law to boost their bottom line. The drug industry cut a deal with the White House to help finance the promotion of the health law. And following the debate, investors in the hospital industry got spooked.’

Health care costs are rising.  Our system is slapdash, and inefficient, tied to employment, and wasteful.  I think this solution is worse than the problem.

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