From Foreign Policy: ‘The Case For Intervention…In Obama’s Dysfunctional Foreign-Policy Team.’

Full piece here.

Rosa Brooks, former Obama Defense Undersecretary and State Department Adviser, writes:

‘Cronyism also reigns supreme when it comes to determining who should attend White House meetings: increasingly, insiders say, meetings called by top NSS officials involve by-name requests for attendance, with no substitutions or “plus ones” permitted. As a result, dissenting voices are shut out, along with the voices of specialists who could provide valuable information and insights. The result? Shallow discussions and poor decisions.’

Ouch.  A lack of leadership, executive experience and perhaps just American institutional experience.   I personally suspect, like domestic policy, Obama may be ideologically further Left than many of the people who might know something.  This could lead to fewer people he actually trusts and a smaller bubble.

Addition: A State Department Background Briefing On Libya; a conference call transcript of some of what happened during the Benghazi attack.

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I don’t believe that we can appease Islamic extremists, which is the whole premise of this administration’s approach…blunt American power and incentivize Muslim societies to drive the extreme elements out through international cooperation: Via Youtube-Uncommon Knowledge With Fouad Ajami And Charles Hill

Eli Lake At The Daily Beast: ‘U.S. Officials Knew Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates’ From The BBC Via Michael Totten: ‘Libya: Islamist Militia Bases Stormed In Benghazi’

Via Reuters: ‘U.S. Ambassador To Libya Killed In Benghazi Attack’

Just how far Left is this administration anyways? Is Bernhard Henri-Levy actually influencing U.S. policy decisions..? From New York Magazine: ‘European Superhero Quashes Libyan Dictator’Bernhard Henri-Levy At The Daily Beast: ‘A Moral Tipping Point’Charlie Rose Episode On Libya Featuring Bernhard Henri-Levy, Les Gelb And Others


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