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The administration may have known within two hours into the Benghazi attack that Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility:

‘Reuters claims to be in possession of three emails that, if authentic, should put to rest once and for all how long it took for the White House and State Department to learn that the terrorist attack in the Libyan city of Benghazi last month was, in fact, a terrorist attack.’

Still unfolding.   What’s the grand strategy here?

Addition:  How is the President’s strategy in Libya working out?  How is the War On Terror going?  What are the threats facing the U.S?  Why Libya and not Syria?  What kinds of people are we getting into bed with in Syria, Libya, Egypt and is the Muslim Brotherhood really the group to leverage to peel away from the radicals and terrorists?

Another addition:  Were we running guns out of Benghazi, destination Syrian opposition, many of which were falling into the wrong hands?

This would mean Stevens and his crew were in Benghazi on the sly.  In the bigger picture, this would back the Turks against Assad in Syria and also work against Iran who sees Assad as their best ally.

Another Addition:  Via Eli Lake, Benghazi suspect held in Tunisia.

Another:  Per The Atlantic, there is no story:

It sounds very plausible. There’s only one problem with that view: No evidence has surfaced so far to support the idea that the Obama Administration deceived the public deliberately.

Then it just appears incompetent, or not so good at handling the conflicting intelligence, of which there is a lot.  It would be nice to have some clarification from the President.  There’s quite a rift in our politics right now and we are sending a message to those who would harm and kill us.

Why push the video as the cause of the attacks?  And if it’s just incompetence and slow reaction…is the Middle East any more stable?  How’s the war on terror?

Another Addition:  White House declines comment.

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4 thoughts on “From Michael Totten’s Blog: ‘Two Hours’

  1. Question? It’s 1:10pm EST. Has anyone seen a main street media report on this story? Has it been on any network? Can the Obama apologists in the media hide this any longer, let alone for 14 days? The President will beg ‘national security
    issues’ to keep from addressing this issue and you can bet Jay Leno won’t bring it up this evening…can this President pull off this deception any longer?
    It is a shame that our soldiers continue to fight for the “rights” of a Free Press and the Main Stream Press have lost any semblance of journalistic inquiry in the name of hiding the real ineptitude of this President.

  2. OK…let’s see how long the ‘unfolding’ takes? I’m running out of “benefits of the doubt” with this Administration…they were used up on ‘union bailouts’, ‘green energy’ crony loans and a 16 Billion dollar deficit…maybe I have one more ‘benefit of the doubt’ left but you are asking a lot.

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