From Reuters: ‘Israel Fires Warning Shots At Syria Over Golan Shelling’

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‘An Israeli security source said the military fired in the direction of a Syrian army mortar crew that had launched a shell which overshot the Golan disengagement fence on Sunday, exploding near a Jewish settlement without causing casualties.’

A long protracted, civil war was feared, enflaming sectarian lines and drawing in regional powers.   We’ve probably had special ops on the ground and there are probably a few other things going on, and lots of aid groups and just across the border in Jordan.   This is to say nothing of what Iran, Hizbollah, Lebanon, Turkey, and others have going on in Syria.

Al Jazeera live blog on Syria.

What’s going on with Petraeus?  It seems a little odd that the FBI is doing a full investigation on the head of the CIA.

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