Via Youtube: Justin, The Horse That Could Paint


Justin’s paintings can go for as much as $2,500.  He has his own website, too.  I don’t begrudge him his fame.

What’s the saturation point for modern art, anyways?

Here’s the first in Australian art historian and thinker Robert Hughes’ eight-part “Shock Of The New” series, which presents a modern art historian’s sweep of 20th century political and intellectual history and how images, ideas, art, and artists themselves are woven throughout.  Maybe no one knows for sure where modern art’s headed, but it helps to look at the past:


There is a “tilt” to the culture, and when we focus on preserving and celebrating certain aspects of it, like language, art, and food as most important to pass on, we necessarily exclude other things.  America is still being colonized to some extent, and I personally believe it’s vital to retain an expanding economy in such a melting pot.  For some, culture means simply being more ‘civilized’ like Europe, yet it’s important to note that right now we’re in a situation where art can often equal money.

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