Via Foreign Policy: ‘Appraising Al-Qaeda: The Practitioner’s Perspective’

Full piece here.

‘What is the nature of al-Qaeda? Is it an organization with tight leadership structures and command and control, or is it an idea that takes harbor in the hearts and souls of disenfranchised or disillusioned young men and women seeking some greater meaning to their lives? Over time, the importance of these two schools of general thought has waxed and waned with various academics, authors, pundits and practitioners alternatively concluding the importance of one over the other largely depending on the nature of the latest plot to be disrupted.’

Addition:  Were there Libyan prisoners in Benghazi that the attackers on the consulate were trying to get back?

Another Addition:  Petraeus to face charges?

Another:  It’s becoming quite a mess.  Others are involved.

Eli Lake has a little more on Petraeus’ trip to Benghazi.

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