From Via Media: ‘Death by Euro: Spain Faces Crisis as Catalonia Turns Secessionist’

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Fault lines emerge:

‘Exit polls from the regional elections in Catalonia show that pro-independence parties are winning a huge majority: up to 95 of the 135 seats in the regional assembly, according to analysis from theFinancial Times. Worse, from Madrid’s point of view, the radical pro-independence forces are doing unexpectedly well.’

I sat in an Barcelona office for a few weeks with a woman hired to work in the law school to promote Catalonian identity.  She was very old, and her job seemed to consist of sitting at her desk for a few hours each day, making sure students put fliers up, and occasionally answering the phone in a shrill voice.

This is a bit more serious, possibly as serious a thing to happen since Tejero walked out onto the lower Parliment house in 1981 and tried to stage a coup.


Some more on Mead and his discussion of what he sees as four competing American schools of thought that work their way into our foreign policy:


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