From Via Media: ‘Morsi Calls Referendum, Egypt’s Liberals Helplessly Protest ‘

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‘It’s always hard to understand the fast changing politics of a revolution in progress, but in Egypt the Islamists and the military seem to have reached an accommodation: The Islamists will leave the military alone and let the soldiers shape high politics while the military will stand back as the Islamists lead a conservative social revolution in the country.

Left out of this are the liberals, the Christians, secular Egyptians, and some of the business leaders and officials who were powerful under the old regime.’

There is still a bit of hope for other Egyptians, but the SCAF and the elected Islamists are still mostly calling the shots.

Morsi flees palace.


So what’s the larger strategy to deal with the rise in Islamism?


Possibly related, a quote from Hill’s forward to Ajami’s new book on Syria, not Egypt, as discussed in the video:

[The] greatest strategic challenge of the twenty-first century is involves “reversing Islamic radicalism”‘

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