From The Weekly Standard: ‘The Sebelius Coverup’

Full piece here.

A bit partisan, and coming from one likely source, but interesting.  There are incentives being created for a few insurance winners, cozying up to those with power and money, who will be more closely tied than before to politics, and politicians and political cycles.  Also, it’s about who controls the data, and whoever that is will need a lot of information about you, and it won’t entirely be up to you how much control over that data you have:

‘In truth, Obamacare’s federal exchanges will be an extremely complicated technical endeavor to set up and run, as (among other things) they would involve compiling massive amounts of risk-selection data on individual Americans. In addition to raising extraordinary privacy concerns, the data involved would be like gold to insurers. To quote my source, “If you can capture this data, you’re going to win.”’

Expect a small number of people to be in control, rewarding themselves, their friends, associates, connections, and punishing their enemies, as usual in human affairs, but now with new State power to ‘tax’ you for not purchasing health insurance.  It’s like a cinch around 17% of the economy, and new areas of your life and liberty, claimed as the necessary solution to solve our problems.

Addition:  See Peter Suderman’s ‘The Doc Fix Economy,’ for how we’ve been kicking the can for quite a while now in dealing with these problems.

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